Storm King's Thunder

Bob's end

Now the world will never see that ethnographic study of the religious rites of the people of the Sword Coast

Adventure Log


We did some more exploring and found that there was an exit onto the side of the mountain.  We can see the ground far below us.

After further exploration, we found a giant spider guarding it's eggs.  We killed the spider rather handily, and found a potion of climbing and a warhammer with a 1000 gp gem embedded in it.  We tried to decide whether to stay in a room while Flynn went past the rolling rock trap.  While arguing about it, Silvin summoned his raven familiar and sent it to scout the rooms.  There seemed to be nothing of interest there.

We went upstairs.  Found a sack with a pair of giant sandals, four severed dwarf heads, and a shard of ice about the size of a dagger.  It's the "Shard of the Ise Rune" which can perform Frigid Touch, confers resistance to fire damage, and provide an icy mantle of protection (one shot protection from bludgeoning), and Sleet Storm.  

We found secret doors that allowed us open and close portcullis leading to the murder ledges in the entrance hallway.

I decided to touch the fire giant rune, because I'm resistant to fire.  I was hit by a meteor storm and died.


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