Storm King's Thunder


In which we help drive off a farm raid

We spent three days travelling on the cloud to Cloverfield.  On the morning of the third day, nine apparent humans riding giant vulture land on the cloud.  One is Ameron and one is Envon.  They are followers of Yan-Se-Bin, the prince of evil air.  Yan-See-Bin seeks to return the world to the primal state.  They are seeking to have the giant ally with them.  Flynn threatened them if they mess with Zephyros.  They offered Zephyros a gift of pixie dust.  After Zephyros questioned them, he asked us for our opinions.  We encouraged him to not ally with them.  They left.

At about 6 pm, arrived at Cloverfields.  It's a farm dedicated to Chantia, and is surrounded by a wall.  We saw it from above, and it's about 2 miles by 4 miles.  The guard at the wall tells us that Meros is at the abbey.  We're to look for Shalvas, who tends the animals.  We found Shalvas, and talked to him as we walked to the abbey.  We gave him a few silver and thanked him.  There's a woman at the abbey who told us that Meros is at the North Forrows Inn on the north side of town.  Look for the guy who is covered with white hair everywhere.

As we enter the inn, we run into a drunk halfling who seems rather happy.  We found Meros in the Inn common room.  We brought him the cat and told him the sad news.  He decided to have a wake, pulling out super nice mugs and giving us "Golden Gulp", the local brew.  We hang out and talk to him and the others in the town  We learned that some giants threw rocks at the wall from the east until the archers fended them off.  

In the middle of the night, a cry of "to arms!" coming from outside.  As we go outside, we see the halfling from before yelling "we're under attack, and they're in town."  We gathered up the people in the inn, and headed toward town.  Near the town square, there are two ogres and a bunch of big goblinoids and goblins.  Naxine says "those are ogres, be careful!"

We fought the creatures.  Silvin fried them with a fireball, Maxine flew right into range of their attacks and got hurt, Flynn actually managed to hit some of them.  Some ran away, some were killed,

As soon as we defeated them, we heard a ruckus coming from the animal pens.  Shalvus immediately ran to protect his precious flock.  We found some more ogres, bugbears, and goblins attacking the animals.  We dashed in to attack, and Naxine went down aftere firing a lightning bolt killing a bunch of goblins and hurting some ogres.  Silvin fired two fireballs, the rest of us battled mightly, and were hurt pretty badly, but we prevailed.

While catching our breath, some guards ran up yelling that giants are attacking the abbey.  We ran off to the abbey, leaving Salvus behind to take care of the animals.

When we arrived at the abbey, we saw two hill giants tearing boulders from the wall of the abbey.  Being who we are, we run in to attack.  Naxine shot them with a lightning bolt before they smashed her with a rock.  We unloaded our arsenal on them and took down one of them fast, the other smashed Flynn into the ground.  Because of our efforts, the town guard was able to rally and repel the attack coming through the breach in the wall that the giants made.  After a hard-fought battle, the attackers were repelled.



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