Storm King's Thunder

Cold Cave

In which we find Wurmblud's woman

Adventure Log

We met up with Birel and spent some time catching up on our adventures and having a few drinks.  We learned that Birel's father ran away from home to join Force Gray, and that Harshnag was also a member of Force Gray.  What a coincidink.

We left Branchy, Erkle, and Merkle behind because we're worried about the cold's effect on a tree and shrubs.

North.  Cold.  Big ass columns made of ice.  Giant size.  There are track here – Korgidar says that they are 8 different humans.

Pillars have carvings:
    hill giant lifting rock
    cloud giant flying among birds
    storm giant attacking ship
    stone giant climbing a mountain
    fire giant with chained dwarfs
A 40 foot wide and 40 foot tall hallway goes into the mountain.  The hallway is really, really long and really, really big.  There're ledges, murder holes, and other badness.  At the end of the hall, we see 8 barbarian looking people (7 males and 1 female).  They are standing in front of double doors arguing about how to open the door.  The leader says that he's Wurmblud, leader of the Wurmblud tribe.  I asked them about the faith traditions of their people, but he was rude.  We talked to them for a bit, and Korgidar levitated up to ledges 20 feet up along both sides of the hall to look around.

We talked to the barbarians while building a fire and having a snack.  Wurmblud tells us that he's looking for his woman, and thinks that she might have wandered in here.  Harshnag says that there's no chance anyone could have opened the door.  Flynn convinced the barbarians that we'd look for "his woman", Noori, behind the doors if they let us go in.

Inside are seven statues, one of them is an 80 foot tall robed giant wearing a robe with arms outstretched toward a glowing archway.  Smaller giants representing each of the types of giant.  Each one has a weapon outstretched toward the AllFather (the biggest giant statue).  The whole chamber is covered in snow and ice.  

The archway has six runes carved in mithril around it, and there's mist in the middle of the archway.  I examined the AllFather statue, and asked Harshnag about religious practices surrounding the AllFather.  The AllFather statue has no facial features.

Korgidar asked Harshnag to touch the Frost Giant rune, which resulted in a cylinder of cold to come down.

Flynn decided that it would be a good idea to touch the Hill Giant rune.  He convinced Harshnag to lift him up.  He became confused.  We couldn't really tell.

Korgidar started chipping the ice off of one door, and Silvin started melting ice from another.  Behind the door is a giant room with a giant fire pit.  When we enter, a giant monster that looks kinda like a 15 foot long centipede came out and attacked us.

Flynn ran up to the centipede and got chomped badly, like almost dead.  I implored Rill to banish the creature to a benign realm for a minute so that we can get away.  We asked Harshnag to grab the giant ax here and we left the room, closing the door.

We went across the temple room and found what appear to be living quarters for giants.  Everything is frozen over.  When we get to the fourth row of rooms, we see a fissure in the wall.  As we're advancing down the hall, a 40 foot wide boulder appeared out of the wall and shot toward us, squishing Silvin and I beneath it.  As soon as it got to the giant statue at the other end of the hallway.  The giant statue animated, caught the boulder, and then carried it back to the other end of the hall and put it back in the wall where it came from.

We decided to investigate the crack in the wall rather than try to get past the giant boulder at this time.  There were many crack jokes.

As we were exploring the crack, we came across 3 YUGE spiders that attacked us.  Korgidar and Varis attacked one and killed it.  We fairly quickly obliterated the spiders.

We found cocoons of spider webs.  One had a barbarian woman in it.  She's alive, but unconscious.  Two of the cocoons contained dead dwarves.  One is clutching a tome.  He has a holy symbol of Denir, the god of writing.  Turns out that the woman is Noori, the woman of Wurmblud.



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