Storm King's Thunder

The Goblin caves

In which we actually manage not to kill everything in our path

The rest of the orcs fled after we killed a few of them.  We ventured into town to check on our comrade in the stable.  My comrades went to search the bodies.  The orcs had great axes and javelins.  The Zentarim used scimitars.  The head of the Zentarim had a flying snake familiar that seemed to look at each of us, and then suddenly chose to go to Varis.  He also had a ring worth 25gp, 4 pp, 13gp, 5 gems worth 100 gp each.  36 gp on the guards.  The woman, Kella, had the Lady Valrossa's wedding ring.  It's a tourmaline ring worth at least 750 gp.

We retrieved Flynn from the hay loft and tied him to one of the Zentarim horses.  We eventually found the caves and there were mushrooms right were we thought they should be.  We made a poultice and bandaged Flynn up with it, reviving him almost miraculously.

We decided to enter the cave to search for the townsfolk.  As soon as we entered the large cavern, a 10' tall giant rose from a mud pit where it had been bathing, and a bunch of goblins on ledges around the cavern began shooting at us with bows.  Flynn ran over and climbed up on a ledge with a goblin, yelling something about "have at thee!"  Korgidar engaged the giant dude with his sword while I called upon Rill to guide Korgidar's sword.

Our companions engaged the goblins while Korgidar, Silvin, and I took out the giant.  As it fell, it called out and was answered by an angry call from farther in the cavern.  My companions were not very good at keeping the goblins engaged, as one of them shot me with an arrow.

A giantess came out of the gloom, and Korgidar moved to engage it.  Finally, after Silvin shot it with a bolt of flame, Flynn was able to skewer the goblin after many attempts.  Silvin again killed the giantess with three bolts of scorching fire.

Varis sent his new snake pet to bite one of the goblins, causing it to turn a horrible purple color and collapse dead while shooting another one right in the mouth with an arrow.

We followed the escaped goblin to a cavern with a large goblin in it.  I talked to it, and bargained for the lives of the villagers, who the goblin chief indicated are being held for food.  I gave them a gem worth 100 gp.  He released a young girl in what used to be nice clothes.  The chief told us that we can take the villagers, if we are quiet.  If we make noise, the bats will get us.

The bard moved forward and talked quietly to the girl, seducing her from her panic.  The chief sent a goblin lass to guide us to the rest of the villagers.  We found a large cavern with ledges where the villagers are huddled.  We got the people out of the caves, did some triage, and got them back to town.

Morrak, the dwarven innkeeper, tells us that the Lady will reward us.  The young woman who was kept by the goblin leader turns out to be the Lady's lady in waiting.  We went back to the keep with the guards and the lady in waiting, returning the Lady's wedding ring.

In the library of the keep, we found a notebook outlining how a red dragon saved a guy who was injured in the mountains.  Klauth the Red Dragon then saved a group of traveling monks who were set upon by bandits.  The dragon also saved a family who were trapped in a landslide.  The notebook seems to be a journal outlining actual events.

I stayed in the library, reading, while the rest of the group went to clear the rest of the keep, making sure there are no bad guys left.

Morrak, the inkeeper, came to talk to the group.  He revealed that the Lord of the keep had died in an encounter with elves a few years ago, and Silvin got kind of testy about the elven conflict.  He said that the goblins hadn't been in the caves last time people were there, so they didn't expect that they'd be there when they fled from the giant assault.

The Zelbrins, an elderly couple, were killed in the giant attack.  They had a pet called a Tressem, which is a winged cat.  He wants us to go find the old peoples' son in Goldenfields, a temple farm of Chantia, and give him their tressem.  

We asked him about the attack, and he told us that a castle on a cloud flew overhead and dropped rocks on the town, then four giants came down and stole the nigthstone as the people of the town fled.

We agreed to take the cat to Goldenfields to the son.  

As we were traipsing along through the countryside, a tower on a castle approached, hovered above us, and a cloud staircase descended to us.  We rode our horses up the staircase after Korgidar told us that there is a giant up there.  It's a weird looking castle with a top that looks just like a wizard's hat.

Zepheros the cloud giant introduced himself and told us that the other planar creatures told him that we can fix the "Ordining" and restore the orderly giant society.  He told us a story about how the queen visited the "smallfolk" on the Sword Coast, and was killed.  The king was enraged, but his daughter convinced him to investigate what happened to the queen first.  The king went off to investigate, but never came back.  The Princess Zephyr has assumed control of the throne, but things are really unsettled.

So, I guess we need to find the king?  Or what happened to the queen?  I don’t exactly know.

Zephyros worships Annam, the All-Father.  He's going to give us a ride to Goldenfield, so that’s something.



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