Storm King's Thunder

The Sacking of Nightstone

The one where we ran into some goblins

Storm King's Thunder

It's been a year since the fall of Tiamat, and the Sword Coast is rebuilding.  I'm travelling north out of Daggerford.  I'm surrounded by idiots who are to big to be ignored:
    Flynn Lagos:  a big flamboyant idiot.  Claims to worship Tymora, but doesn't seem serious in his devotion.
    Corgidar:  dark haired, quiet idiot.  Professes no faith.
    Varis:  Tall, dark idiot with white hair.  Says that he will talk to me about his faith later.
    Sylvan:  stereotypical elf wizard.  Might be an idiot, definitely a jerk.  Seems angry.  Seemed offended when asked about his faith traditions.
    Birel:  female idiot.  Lots of istruments.  No discernable faith tradition.

We have heard that the leader of Nightstone is looking for someone to deal with some goblins threatening their town.  We're headed that way, and are camped near a cross roads 10 miles from Nightstone.  We arrive at Nightstone late the next morning to the tolling of a bell.  The keep near the village is partially collapsed and the bridge leading from the keep to the town is broken, but there is a drawbridge that's down, so we head for the town over the drawbridge.

I recall that Nightstone got it's name from a giant chunk of obsidian with strange glyphs on it in the middle of the town.  I'd like to get a look at that monument.

The bell sound is coming from what looks like a church or chapel near the drawbridge.  We decided to check out the church.  It's dedicated to Lathander, God of the Dawn, and Mielikki, Goddess of the forest.  I'm ashamed to say that Flynn recognized the paraphenalia of these gods, but I didn't.  

When we enter the back room, there are two goblins hanging from a rope that disappears into the ceiling, ringing the bell and living large.  When I asked them what's going on, they said that the humans were all taken to "the Boss."  The one wearing priest's vestments attacked Flynn, but was instantly skewered by Flynn's rapier.  We all try in vain to hit the second one, Sylvan shot it with a flaming bolt and Varis skewered it through the neck with a crossbow bolt.

Stuff on their bodies:
    3 blocks incense (5 gp ea)
    Holy Symbol of Mielikki
    3 empty vials

When we get to the town square, there is a big hole in the ground, maybe where the obsidian obelisk was.  There are two beasts eating a dog across the square.  The beasts growl at us, and start running toward us.  We try to shoot them, but one of them bit Flynn while the other clawed and chewed at Corgidar's shield.  Sylvan is hitting one of the beasts with lightning bolts.  I implored Rill to strike the unharmed beast dead, and He heard me, channeling blinding white light through my Holy Ruby, encasing the creature in light until it fell to the ground dying.  The face of Rill appeared to me, smiling down upon me.  

Goblins appeared, shooting bows at us.  Flynn hid behind the wall of the well and shot his bow into the air.  I called upon Rill to bless and heal Corgidar, and He chose to bless our efforts today, healing my companion.  Rill granted Corgidar the strength to strike the beast, and provided the opening for Birel to cleave its head from its body.

We engaged in a protracted sniping fight with the goblins until finally Varis shot the last of the goblins right in the eye.

Stuff on the goblins:
    Gold ring (25 gp)
    5 cp
    live chicken in a sack

We decided to go hide in the trading post for a quick rest.  My companions looted the store because they apparently have no respect for other people's property.

In the inn, there's a three foot rock that obviously broke through the ceiling.  There's a dead goblin on the floor with a crossbow bolt in its chest.  When Flynn calls out, we hear a noise from the kitchen area.  When we go into the kitche, there is a goblin rooting through the food there.  It grabs up a giant sack and tries to run away, but Flynn ran it through with his rapier.
Stuff in the sack:
    block of cheese
    cooked chicken,    
    bullseye lantern
    2 flasks of oil
    dented silver ring (20gp)
    cracked hourglass (25 gp if fixed)

We searched upstairs for survivers.  we found much destruction, and a woman cowering.  She tells us that three days ago a cloud giant castle appeared above the city and rained rocks down on the town.  They pulled up the nightstone in the center of town while the goblins attacked.  She professes no belief.  She's apparently a monk, and says her master is Wei Li.  A monk who professes no belief, interesting.

Stuff found in the Inn:
    Dwarf sized chainmail
    dwarf sized helm

As we are looking in the stable, an arrow came down from the rafters.  Varis immediately shot the goblin that was hiding up there.  

stuff on the body:
    1 cp
    wooden box with symbol of the trading post on it containing 10 silvered darts.


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