Storm King's Thunder

We traipse across the land

Travelling is slow, yo.

Adventure Log

We headed off to meet the dragon, Old Gnawbone.  As we are travelling, Birel came down with some kind of sickness, and we had to leave him at the Inn at Tribor.  We continued on and found a homestead, it was super quaint and pretty — before being smashed by stone giants.  We tried talking to them, but they threw stones at us.  The giants were unfriendly.

Flynn got pretty much smooshed flat by a boulder.  After being hasted by Silvin, Korgidar ran up to the giants and whooped some giant butt with his new giant slayer sword.  One of the giants grabbed our tree friend and threw it across the road, hurting it badly.  Varis got smooshed by a boulder.

Varis got up from being smooshed flat and shot the same one that Korgidar's been attacking, and it was finished off by Silvin's fireball.  Korgidar screamed some names as he skewered the second giant with his giant slayer sword right in the family jewels, killing it.  I'll have to find out whose name he was screaming.

After the last giant ran away, I cast speak with dead on one of the dead giants and found out that since the Ordining is broken, they are trying to gain favor with their god, Skoreas Stonebones, by destroying the works of people.  They are from Deadstone Cleft.  A long way

The giants had:
    400 GP
    6 gems worth 100 gp

We finally got to the forest, which is something like 80 miles wide.  We have no idea where to go from here.  Korgidar talked to a squirrel, that told him to go NW.  I cast an augury, that didn't tell me not to go that way.  We came across a leg, boot still on, in the middle of the path.  Korgidar used his forest skills to find that it's very fresh.  

A dragon eventually revealed itself to us.  It was an imposing ancient green dragon, who said that it's been watching us for a while.  It told us to travel to the "Eye of the Allfather" where we would learn what to do next.  We should watch for a frost giant wearing a white dragon skull for some random reason.  He'll be an ally?

We decided to go to Daggerford because of a note that they got in some cheese.  It must be awesome cheese.   My companions don't want to go through Waterdeep.  I'm not sure what they were doing while I was helping rebuild the abbey in Cloverfield.

As soon as we get to Daggerford, and got to the Happy Cow Inn.  A half-elf named Zero waved us over, obviously he has our descriptions.  He won't share his worship traditions with me, could they be embarassing or evil?  When he blinked, it looked kinda like bronze scales.  He tells us that the Zhentarim want to support our endeavors because chaos is bad for business.  He gave us 6 potions of greater healing.  

Flynn went out to talk to Zero on his own.  We spent the night, and Flynn partied hard all night, while I observed and packed up my notes for shipment back to my home monastery.

We stopped to pick up Birel, but he's not there.  The innkeeper said that he went off talking about a ring and a tower.  I think he may have still been delerious from the fever.

Ahead, around the bend, we heard some voices arguing in giant.  When we crept up the hill, there were five ogres arguing as they head off to the East.  We avoided them, then traveled for a long time.  Like 40 days.  It was kinda biblical, but nothing happened.

Finally, we bumped into something new!  Next to the road was a dug up area, with a fire giant directing some horrible dog-like creatures with glowing red eyes and two humanoid fire beings digging a hole.  They appear to be trying to dig something up.  It looks like there's a giant arm in the ground that could be from a statue.

The giant says that he's digging up a part of the Vonendod.  It will make the fire giants strong so they can purge the land of small folk.  The arm looks like perfectly polished stone.  Flynn insulted the giant.

As I was thinking that Flynn's insult and the general antipathy to giants in this group was going to mean battle with these fire creatures before I'd even had a chance to learn about their faith traditions, we heard what sounded like running from the South.  A frost giant wearing a dragon skull came running up, and the fire giant immediately yelled, "Harshneg!" and attacked.  

Korgidar immediately moved up and attacked the fire giant.  One of the dogs turned and breathed fire on Silvin and I.  Ouch.  Flynn came over to assist us as I called upon Rill to protect me.

We attacked the hounds and took them down while Korgidar and Harshneg kept the fire giant busy.  I suggested that the fire giant should retire from the fight, or send its minions away, but it laughed at me.  Silvin shattered the giant, killing it.  Harshneg took out the fire elemental.

Harshneg recognized us, and says that Zephros told him about us.

We decided to take the arm of Vonendod to the river near Mirabar and toss it in.

The fire Giant had:
    200 cp
    400 sp
    200 gp
that we split up, and a giant rod, 4 feet long and 100 pounds.  Not exactly portable.


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