Storm King's Thunder

The Sacking of Nightstone
The one where we ran into some goblins

Storm King's Thunder

It's been a year since the fall of Tiamat, and the Sword Coast is rebuilding.  I'm travelling north out of Daggerford.  I'm surrounded by idiots who are to big to be ignored:
    Flynn Lagos:  a big flamboyant idiot.  Claims to worship Tymora, but doesn't seem serious in his devotion.
    Corgidar:  dark haired, quiet idiot.  Professes no faith.
    Varis:  Tall, dark idiot with white hair.  Says that he will talk to me about his faith later.
    Sylvan:  stereotypical elf wizard.  Might be an idiot, definitely a jerk.  Seems angry.  Seemed offended when asked about his faith traditions.
    Birel:  female idiot.  Lots of istruments.  No discernable faith tradition.

We have heard that the leader of Nightstone is looking for someone to deal with some goblins threatening their town.  We're headed that way, and are camped near a cross roads 10 miles from Nightstone.  We arrive at Nightstone late the next morning to the tolling of a bell.  The keep near the village is partially collapsed and the bridge leading from the keep to the town is broken, but there is a drawbridge that's down, so we head for the town over the drawbridge.

I recall that Nightstone got it's name from a giant chunk of obsidian with strange glyphs on it in the middle of the town.  I'd like to get a look at that monument.

The bell sound is coming from what looks like a church or chapel near the drawbridge.  We decided to check out the church.  It's dedicated to Lathander, God of the Dawn, and Mielikki, Goddess of the forest.  I'm ashamed to say that Flynn recognized the paraphenalia of these gods, but I didn't.  

When we enter the back room, there are two goblins hanging from a rope that disappears into the ceiling, ringing the bell and living large.  When I asked them what's going on, they said that the humans were all taken to "the Boss."  The one wearing priest's vestments attacked Flynn, but was instantly skewered by Flynn's rapier.  We all try in vain to hit the second one, Sylvan shot it with a flaming bolt and Varis skewered it through the neck with a crossbow bolt.

Stuff on their bodies:
    3 blocks incense (5 gp ea)
    Holy Symbol of Mielikki
    3 empty vials

When we get to the town square, there is a big hole in the ground, maybe where the obsidian obelisk was.  There are two beasts eating a dog across the square.  The beasts growl at us, and start running toward us.  We try to shoot them, but one of them bit Flynn while the other clawed and chewed at Corgidar's shield.  Sylvan is hitting one of the beasts with lightning bolts.  I implored Rill to strike the unharmed beast dead, and He heard me, channeling blinding white light through my Holy Ruby, encasing the creature in light until it fell to the ground dying.  The face of Rill appeared to me, smiling down upon me.  

Goblins appeared, shooting bows at us.  Flynn hid behind the wall of the well and shot his bow into the air.  I called upon Rill to bless and heal Corgidar, and He chose to bless our efforts today, healing my companion.  Rill granted Corgidar the strength to strike the beast, and provided the opening for Birel to cleave its head from its body.

We engaged in a protracted sniping fight with the goblins until finally Varis shot the last of the goblins right in the eye.

Stuff on the goblins:
    Gold ring (25 gp)
    5 cp
    live chicken in a sack

We decided to go hide in the trading post for a quick rest.  My companions looted the store because they apparently have no respect for other people's property.

In the inn, there's a three foot rock that obviously broke through the ceiling.  There's a dead goblin on the floor with a crossbow bolt in its chest.  When Flynn calls out, we hear a noise from the kitchen area.  When we go into the kitche, there is a goblin rooting through the food there.  It grabs up a giant sack and tries to run away, but Flynn ran it through with his rapier.
Stuff in the sack:
    block of cheese
    cooked chicken,    
    bullseye lantern
    2 flasks of oil
    dented silver ring (20gp)
    cracked hourglass (25 gp if fixed)

We searched upstairs for survivers.  we found much destruction, and a woman cowering.  She tells us that three days ago a cloud giant castle appeared above the city and rained rocks down on the town.  They pulled up the nightstone in the center of town while the goblins attacked.  She professes no belief.  She's apparently a monk, and says her master is Wei Li.  A monk who professes no belief, interesting.

Stuff found in the Inn:
    Dwarf sized chainmail
    dwarf sized helm

As we are looking in the stable, an arrow came down from the rafters.  Varis immediately shot the goblin that was hiding up there.  

stuff on the body:
    1 cp
    wooden box with symbol of the trading post on it containing 10 silvered darts.

The Battle of Nightstone
In which two groups of bad guys duke it out


Silvin shared some Giant lore with us:  this attack is not usual for giants, Storm Giants are at the top of the Giant hierarchy, and usually the Storm King keeps the other giants in line.  Kella claims that they were cloud giants.

Lady Velrosa- the noblewoman who put out the word for adventurers to get rid of the goblins – we need to find her.

Flynn collapsed.  I took a look at him, and he's got an infected wound from the demon dog attacks, and we have to get some mushrooms from the caves to make a poultice for it.  We hid him in the hayloft until we can find some mushrooms.

We decided to investigate a farm house that goblins had come out of earlier.  The house is staved in by a giant rock, and there's a woman's body under the rock.

The next house is undamaged, but there's a boulder in the garden with some person's remains under it.  The house has been ransacked.

Two sets of goblin tracks go up to the windmill.  Varis wants us to keep one of the goblins alive to interrogate.  As we enter the dark and cluttered space inside the windmill, Varis sees a couple of goblins who haven't noticed him yet.  We paused to listen to their conversation, they are talking about not seeing their companions in a while.  Suddenly, our ranger shot one of them right through the throat, killing it instantly.  I called upon Rill to smite the other, burning one arm.  Silvin shot it with a ray of frost and Birel shot it with a crossbow bolt.  The goblin still survives, but it's in danger.  Varis climbed up in the rafters and tries to grab the goblin, but missed.  The Ranger shot the goblin right in the helmet, knocking him out.

Loot from the goblins:
    6 cp

Longo is the goblin.  Boss Hark is the goblin chief.  They raided the town today, but they didn't see any giants.  They thought it was weird that there were no people in the town, only giant rocks.  After finding all of this out from our interrogation, we left him tied up in the windmill.

We decided to head for the keep.  There's a 15-foot long section of the bridge to the keep that has been hit by a rock and dropped into the moat.  We went back to the general store to find a grappelling hook.  Korgidar threw the rope over the gap and tied it off so that we can cross to the other side.  Varis fell from the rope as we crossed the gap, into the moat.  We lowered a rope to bring him back up.  

We knocked on the doors of the keep, and they opened under our hand.  The bailey of the keep has many boulders in it, so it got bombed pretty heavily.

The door of the citadel is opened by a normal human guard, who lets us into the great hall.  There's lots of rubble and the body of a woman is laid out on the dining table, it's the Lady Velrosa.  I asked what her faith was.  She was a Meiliki worshipper.  The Lady is a widow, and has no children.

The guards told us that the townspeople fled north to the Dripping Caves.  We decided that the guards would wait in the keep, and fix the bridge.  We headed to the stables to find horses.

The guards worship Meiliki.

As we entered the town, we ran into 6 guards led by a half-elf.  They represent the Zenterim, who want to take over the town and have it serve them.  The half-elf is named Xolkin and he worships Loviatar, the goddess of pain and torture.  

Kella comes from the keep, she seems to have a sword wound on her arm.  She apparently killed the guards in the keep.  I tried to grab her arm to investigate the wound, but she slipped through my fingers.  Silvin tried to order them to leave town, and Korgidar started to get beligerent with them.  The bard tried to talk his way into the good graces of the Loviatar worshippers.

As we went into the stable, we heard Xoltin call out to his henchmen to close the drawbridge, as orcs are coming.  Silvin sent his raven into the air and saw 2 dozen orcs heading toward the town.  We decided to get back into the keep to stay out of the way of the coming battle between the worshippers of pain and the orcs.  We went up on the battlements of the keep to watch the battle.  The orcs surround the town, and one of them noticed the broken bridge may be a way into town.  There's a fight, until Xolkin engages the head orc.  Xolkin managed to kill the orc leader, but was taken out by the orc spellcaster.  Kella took out the spellcaster, but was overwhelmed by the orcs.  Eventually, the orcs prevailed, then noticed us in the keep.

The Goblin caves
In which we actually manage not to kill everything in our path

The rest of the orcs fled after we killed a few of them.  We ventured into town to check on our comrade in the stable.  My comrades went to search the bodies.  The orcs had great axes and javelins.  The Zentarim used scimitars.  The head of the Zentarim had a flying snake familiar that seemed to look at each of us, and then suddenly chose to go to Varis.  He also had a ring worth 25gp, 4 pp, 13gp, 5 gems worth 100 gp each.  36 gp on the guards.  The woman, Kella, had the Lady Valrossa's wedding ring.  It's a tourmaline ring worth at least 750 gp.

We retrieved Flynn from the hay loft and tied him to one of the Zentarim horses.  We eventually found the caves and there were mushrooms right were we thought they should be.  We made a poultice and bandaged Flynn up with it, reviving him almost miraculously.

We decided to enter the cave to search for the townsfolk.  As soon as we entered the large cavern, a 10' tall giant rose from a mud pit where it had been bathing, and a bunch of goblins on ledges around the cavern began shooting at us with bows.  Flynn ran over and climbed up on a ledge with a goblin, yelling something about "have at thee!"  Korgidar engaged the giant dude with his sword while I called upon Rill to guide Korgidar's sword.

Our companions engaged the goblins while Korgidar, Silvin, and I took out the giant.  As it fell, it called out and was answered by an angry call from farther in the cavern.  My companions were not very good at keeping the goblins engaged, as one of them shot me with an arrow.

A giantess came out of the gloom, and Korgidar moved to engage it.  Finally, after Silvin shot it with a bolt of flame, Flynn was able to skewer the goblin after many attempts.  Silvin again killed the giantess with three bolts of scorching fire.

Varis sent his new snake pet to bite one of the goblins, causing it to turn a horrible purple color and collapse dead while shooting another one right in the mouth with an arrow.

We followed the escaped goblin to a cavern with a large goblin in it.  I talked to it, and bargained for the lives of the villagers, who the goblin chief indicated are being held for food.  I gave them a gem worth 100 gp.  He released a young girl in what used to be nice clothes.  The chief told us that we can take the villagers, if we are quiet.  If we make noise, the bats will get us.

The bard moved forward and talked quietly to the girl, seducing her from her panic.  The chief sent a goblin lass to guide us to the rest of the villagers.  We found a large cavern with ledges where the villagers are huddled.  We got the people out of the caves, did some triage, and got them back to town.

Morrak, the dwarven innkeeper, tells us that the Lady will reward us.  The young woman who was kept by the goblin leader turns out to be the Lady's lady in waiting.  We went back to the keep with the guards and the lady in waiting, returning the Lady's wedding ring.

In the library of the keep, we found a notebook outlining how a red dragon saved a guy who was injured in the mountains.  Klauth the Red Dragon then saved a group of traveling monks who were set upon by bandits.  The dragon also saved a family who were trapped in a landslide.  The notebook seems to be a journal outlining actual events.

I stayed in the library, reading, while the rest of the group went to clear the rest of the keep, making sure there are no bad guys left.

Morrak, the inkeeper, came to talk to the group.  He revealed that the Lord of the keep had died in an encounter with elves a few years ago, and Silvin got kind of testy about the elven conflict.  He said that the goblins hadn't been in the caves last time people were there, so they didn't expect that they'd be there when they fled from the giant assault.

The Zelbrins, an elderly couple, were killed in the giant attack.  They had a pet called a Tressem, which is a winged cat.  He wants us to go find the old peoples' son in Goldenfields, a temple farm of Chantia, and give him their tressem.  

We asked him about the attack, and he told us that a castle on a cloud flew overhead and dropped rocks on the town, then four giants came down and stole the nigthstone as the people of the town fled.

We agreed to take the cat to Goldenfields to the son.  

As we were traipsing along through the countryside, a tower on a castle approached, hovered above us, and a cloud staircase descended to us.  We rode our horses up the staircase after Korgidar told us that there is a giant up there.  It's a weird looking castle with a top that looks just like a wizard's hat.

Zepheros the cloud giant introduced himself and told us that the other planar creatures told him that we can fix the "Ordining" and restore the orderly giant society.  He told us a story about how the queen visited the "smallfolk" on the Sword Coast, and was killed.  The king was enraged, but his daughter convinced him to investigate what happened to the queen first.  The king went off to investigate, but never came back.  The Princess Zephyr has assumed control of the throne, but things are really unsettled.

So, I guess we need to find the king?  Or what happened to the queen?  I don’t exactly know.

Zephyros worships Annam, the All-Father.  He's going to give us a ride to Goldenfield, so that’s something.


In which we help drive off a farm raid

We spent three days travelling on the cloud to Cloverfield.  On the morning of the third day, nine apparent humans riding giant vulture land on the cloud.  One is Ameron and one is Envon.  They are followers of Yan-Se-Bin, the prince of evil air.  Yan-See-Bin seeks to return the world to the primal state.  They are seeking to have the giant ally with them.  Flynn threatened them if they mess with Zephyros.  They offered Zephyros a gift of pixie dust.  After Zephyros questioned them, he asked us for our opinions.  We encouraged him to not ally with them.  They left.

At about 6 pm, arrived at Cloverfields.  It's a farm dedicated to Chantia, and is surrounded by a wall.  We saw it from above, and it's about 2 miles by 4 miles.  The guard at the wall tells us that Meros is at the abbey.  We're to look for Shalvas, who tends the animals.  We found Shalvas, and talked to him as we walked to the abbey.  We gave him a few silver and thanked him.  There's a woman at the abbey who told us that Meros is at the North Forrows Inn on the north side of town.  Look for the guy who is covered with white hair everywhere.

As we enter the inn, we run into a drunk halfling who seems rather happy.  We found Meros in the Inn common room.  We brought him the cat and told him the sad news.  He decided to have a wake, pulling out super nice mugs and giving us "Golden Gulp", the local brew.  We hang out and talk to him and the others in the town  We learned that some giants threw rocks at the wall from the east until the archers fended them off.  

In the middle of the night, a cry of "to arms!" coming from outside.  As we go outside, we see the halfling from before yelling "we're under attack, and they're in town."  We gathered up the people in the inn, and headed toward town.  Near the town square, there are two ogres and a bunch of big goblinoids and goblins.  Naxine says "those are ogres, be careful!"

We fought the creatures.  Silvin fried them with a fireball, Maxine flew right into range of their attacks and got hurt, Flynn actually managed to hit some of them.  Some ran away, some were killed,

As soon as we defeated them, we heard a ruckus coming from the animal pens.  Shalvus immediately ran to protect his precious flock.  We found some more ogres, bugbears, and goblins attacking the animals.  We dashed in to attack, and Naxine went down aftere firing a lightning bolt killing a bunch of goblins and hurting some ogres.  Silvin fired two fireballs, the rest of us battled mightly, and were hurt pretty badly, but we prevailed.

While catching our breath, some guards ran up yelling that giants are attacking the abbey.  We ran off to the abbey, leaving Salvus behind to take care of the animals.

When we arrived at the abbey, we saw two hill giants tearing boulders from the wall of the abbey.  Being who we are, we run in to attack.  Naxine shot them with a lightning bolt before they smashed her with a rock.  We unloaded our arsenal on them and took down one of them fast, the other smashed Flynn into the ground.  Because of our efforts, the town guard was able to rally and repel the attack coming through the breach in the wall that the giants made.  After a hard-fought battle, the attackers were repelled.


Yellow Exclamation Points

Flynn Lagos and company log:

After the fierce battle the company fought in Goldenfield, we all took a well deserved rest.  The town guard took more than their share of credit for the effort to drive the vandals.  Such is the price of being a hero, often your work goes insufficiently credited.  It's a good thing I and the rest of the company are not in it for the recognition.

The Abbot took the time to describe more of what happened.  He gave us a rune left behind by the giants that attacked, and also a map of the realm.

Bob, the strange cleric, stayed behind to help rebuild the Abbey.  I suspect he also wanted to continue his obsessive survey of the religious affiliations of the townsfolk now that they are all here.  Near as I can tell they all worship the same god, so I can't believe it will be worth his time, but to each his own.

As we rested, ate, and resupplied in town we discussed things with several of the villagers who offered some assistance to the company and I in their defense of the town.

The local shepherd wants an escort to a nearby town to visit a tarvern called the Bargeright Inn.  Sounds like my kind of place.

Lifferlas the tree, wants us to find his creator Aerglas, a moon elf druid (and member of the Emerald Enclave, whatever that is) who’s killed many giants.  Aerglas left to see   the treant Turlang 30 years ago at Shadowtop Cathedral.  He asks us to follow his trail to get aid in fighting giants.

Zi Liang the monk wants to officially give up the inheritance from her parents, and communicate to her family in Balders gate and Waterdeep. He asks us to bring a pendent to Caldul Marxill in Waterdeep, who will give us a gift that was being saved for her.  This is approximately three days away.

Miros, the strange white furred yeti like person, wants us to travel to Ahphell and see Arleosa Starhenge at the Staghor Flagon tavern and give him his regards.

Naxine the wizard, who suffered so much in the defense, is convinced this is just the beginning.  She thinks we need aid from dragonkind, who have no love for giants.  She wants us to visit man named Chaslof Yargham in Waterdeep and seek his help in getting the dragons to come to our aid.

We spent some time resupplying, and I took some money out of company funds to purchase myself an additional scimitar.  I'll look quite stylish wielding both of them in combat.  I should practice some impressive looking moves.  Some of the others may have done some resupplying as well, I wasn't paying attention.

Under my subtle leadership, it was decided we should go to Waterdeep to meet Caldur Marxill, of the house of Thawn.  The travel there was uneventful, and at an impressive estate we were greeted by an old man who identified himself as the one we seek.  He took the pendant, and gave us at least part Ze Liang’s intended inheritance.  It was a potion and an impressive looking scimitar!   The scimitar was a magic weapon named Lady, and of course I claimed it as my right.  I can hardly imagine anything more apt.  Surely destiny is tugging me along.  The potion was one of invulnerability, and a member of the company claimed it, I forget which.

We decide to visit Caslof Yargham as Naxine requested, since he also resides in Waterdeep.  Along the way we were waylayed by a gang of ruffians in an alley – apparently they mistook me for somebody named Udolannon.   I didn't know who this guy is, but he owes them money.   Once it became apparent that they would not listen to reason, I began to play along with their little charade, in order to lull them into a sense of complacency.  Korgudar came forward to speak on my behalf, and for some reason the gang leader found him particularly convincing.  Just as I was ready to leap into the fray, they agreed to let me go to "raise funds" and meet them again.  I plan to be long gone by then.  

I still wonder what is going on, for now that I think of it I have heard tell of this Udolannon they were seeking.  Quite a handsome chap.  I can't think of a reason he would indebted to this rabble.  If I get the chance I should find out what is going on.

Moving on quickly, we find Chaslof's tall stone tower.   Inside is a short old man, with a lot cats, and apparently a silver dragon wyrmling for a pet.    He says we need to find Old Gnawbone, and "nice old" green dragon!  He says Gnawbone has a collection of crystal balls, and watches everything.  Apparently he lives in crypt-garden forest.  He gives everything (including the absent Bob) a potion of poison resistance just in case.  Confronting a dragon! Quite the adventure! I can't wait!

We decide to journey to Amphail to meet Arleosa Starhenge as Miros wanted.  On the way we met some dwarves, and even camped with them.  Arleosa Starhenge turns out to be quite attractive, but I must have eaten some bad porridge, because right as I was about to turn on the old Flynn charm I had a sudden attack of indigestion and had to flee to retain my dignity.   Apparently while I was gone she took a shining to Birel, which just goes to show there is no accounting for taste.  This may be garbled a bit, since I was not present, but I believe they acquired a "wooden ring of dancing nymphs", that if you summoned him would allow the ghost of Keltor Dardragon to aid you.  It's all a mystery to me.

We go back to Goldenfield, the town that was the start of this particular log entry, and pick up the sheperd to escort to the Bargeright Inn.    This turns out to be at the Ironford Bridge, a quite impressive bridge crossing a river and joining two towns on either bank.   On the upper bank, we go to meet Nalasdar Theyland.

This town seemed a little shady, I was getting a bad feeling.  The guards did not want us to enter, but when they caught a glimpse of Varis's cute little flying snake they immediately changed their mind.  I don't know that that was all about.   I heard the word "Zhentarim" floated about, which was a word I had heard people muttering in my days spent in the taverns.  I was in my cups much of that time so I don't remember well.

We went inside and met Nalasdar, who was grateful.  He also asked if we would escort a beer wagon to Morgen Shield, about 10 days away.  This seems like quite an expense for a single beer wagon, but he says it is a special brew and who am I to refuse to let somebody part with their money.  The payment is 100gp for each of us up front, with another reward upon arrival.  

On the way about 20 common bandits surround us, and demand a toll to continue.  The nerve!  They have no idea who they are dealing with!     It doesn't take long for a general melee to break out, and of course I trounce them quite handily (With some assistance from the company, of course.  Credit where it is due.)  

The company always seems particularly keen on going through the belongings of those we slay in combat.  Seems a little servile to me, but you must let people have their way sometimes.   

We make our way to Morbin's Shield, and find an inn called the "Troll in Flames".   Our reward for intact delivery of the beer wagon is a silk bundle wrapped around some fine cheese and wine.  I haven't had the like for quite some time, it was quite heavenly.  Also inside the bundle was a note reading Xera -> The Happy Cow -> Daggerford.

The Treant
In which we visit a cathedral that's not a cathedral

Adventure Log

I spent several days helping to rebuild the abbey and interviewing townspeople.  I collected some valuable data for my survey of religious practices of people of the Sword Coast.  I discovered that there are increasing giant attacks, and it's becoming a terrible problem for these people.  After 8 days, my Lord Rill let me know during my daily augury that it's time to leave.  He directed me to a caravan travelling north.  I joined the caravan, and travelled toward Mornbryn's shield.

As I approached the town, I ran into the rest of the group and I rejoined them to continue their quest.  Rill has guided me true yet again.

We ran into some random people and travelled with them to the next town.

Apparently we are trying to find the origin story of the treant from Cloverfields.  Out in the country, we smell a horrible smell of death and rot.  It looks like there was a huge battle here.  About two dozen barbarian corpses and two frost giant corpses.  Korgidar tried to discover what happened by looking at the lay of the land.  He says that there were more barbarians than are dead here and they fled to the north.  The giants are adorned with a symbol.

As we enter the high forest, we run into a group of orcs with halfling prisoners.  Korgidar pulled out his bow to shoot the orcs, but missed.  I called upon Rill to protect me.  Flynn charged forward the at full tilt.  The drow managed to shoot one of them, despite being far from them and having such poor eyesight in the daytime.

Apparently Korgidar has acquired a large cat and named it "Simba."  He sent the cat to attack and shot an arrow that broke into a rain of thorns as it struck.  Flynn apparently is trying to taunt them so that he can lead them into our trap?!?  Because they don't know we're here?  He managed to get six of them to follow him, off at an angle from us.

Korgidar's kitty jumped on one of the orcs and ripped its throat out as Flynn turned around to hold his ground against the 5 remaining ones.  Many of them stop and stare slackjawed at some pretty lights summoned by Birel.  One of the orcs is overwhelmed by Rill's guardians protecting me as they run up to attack us.  

Flynn performed some fancy acrobatics that I didn't quite catch, vaulting over a dying orc as it fell in front of him.

Birel insulted one of the orcs as we've seen him do so many times before.  This time, the orc looked stunned, blood slowly trickled from its ears, and it fell down dead.

We captured three of the orcs, two fled into the forest, and we freed the halflings.  They tell us a story about the orcs attacking their homestead.  As soon as Flynn strikes a pose and claims credit for defeating the orcs, pink smoke rose from his ears.  Olly, the halfling, talks to Silvin and tells him that his great-grandfather Avamere was part of "Force Gray."

The rest of the party tried to intimidate the orcs, but I let them go after getting them to promise not to attack people anymore.  As one would expect, they worship Gruumsh.

We took Olly and his family home, and he gave Silvin a talisman of a dragon.

We are headed for "Shadowtop Cathedral." Which, much to my chagrin, is not dedicated to a deity, but is a bunch of trees.  As we approach, there's some sad song that Birel joins in with.  It's a satyr that seems depressed.  He tells us a story about being hearbroken over a dryad.  His name is Greenwhistle.

Birel spends some time playing music and dancing with the satyr.  Apparently the treant that we're looking for often comes around here, so we hung around to wait.  

Finally, the treant came around.  He told us that Argolas hasn't been around for years.  He sends a tree and some shrubs to follow us.  We seem to be acquiring quite the menagerie.  Thara Shindle, the half-elf travelling with the treant, offers to take us back to the road.  I learned that the treant worships Ldath, goddess of peace and nature.

Thara gives us five berries that can act as potions of invisibility.  She's on the way to visit Quinn Nardross, who Silvin knows, and thinks we should visit him.  Off we go to Jalenthar to find Quinn.

Quinn offers us a couple of potions, one greater healing, and a potion that will make Korgidar as strong as a giant.  He also gives Korgidar a sword of giant slaying.  He doesn't know anything useful, though.  I was able to gather some data about the religious practices of the Janethar people.


The Adventures of Birel
How I spent 40 days

After dumping the piece of the Vonindod in the Mirar river the group enters Mirabar.  Harshnag stays outside the city as he avoids smallfolk cities (except Waterdeep) so as to not frighten the people. The group heads to the main traveler's inn and tavern to eat, the Dwarven Pick, complete with a pick axe above the door.  They walk in to see a familiar half-elf sitting at a table playing a new lute.  Birel stops her song, looks up and says "what took you guys so long?"

  Everyone is surprised by Birel being there. They eagerly sit down to feast and share tales of the last 40 days.

On the way back from Jalanthar after meeting with the old ranger who gave Korgudar a giant-slaying sword, the party was heading to the southwest Sword Coast to find a green dragon, Old Gnawbone, in the Kryptgarden Forest.  But just before reaching the city of Tribor Birel falls ill with some travel sickness, road rot or something.

Tribor is a bustling mercantile town which stands where the Evermoor Way (which the party was on) meets the Long Road (which the party was going to take south to Kryptgarden).  They stop at the local inn, Northshield House, and meet the proprietor, Urgala Meltimer.  She knows the Abbot in Goldenfields, due to the trade routes, and had heard of Bob's time spent at Goldenfields repairing the abbey. The Abbot spoke highly of Bob's piety.  She offers to watch over Birel while the party continues on their journey.  The party gives her some gold for her trouble.

After 2 days Birel comes out of her fever weak but okay.  After 5 days of rest Birel is feeling tip top but bored as hell.  Not being sure how to find the group and with the taste of adventure fresh she remembers the ring she received.  Thinking it could help she whispers the name of the halfling to ring, "Keltan Dardragon."  A spectral halfling appears. 

Keltan: "Hello!  Do you need some help?" 

Birel: "Yes, I need to know where my fiends are." 

The extremely happy halfling says "Looking for some friends?  Hmmm.  I'm not sure I can help with that.  Perhaps if I play you a little song on my lute that'll make you feel better?  Wait where's my lute?  I've lost it!  No wait, I hid it.  That's right."

Birel perks up, thinking a lute would be nice.  She asks "where did you hide it?"

Keltan says "I hid it safely in a tower under a stone in the floor.  Unfortunately I died before I could get it."

Birel asks "which tower? Where?"

Keltan says excitedly jumping up and down "A tower on the north edge of Westwood not far from Kheldell!"

Looking at the map Birel sees it's only 6 days south from Tribor.  Birel asks "can you help me any more?"

Keltan becomes  sullen and says "Hmm, I don't think so.  I must be pretty dead now.  But I do like you.  If you find it please sing an old halfling tune in my memory?"

Birel agrees and Keltan vanishes.  She tries to speak the name into the ring again but nothing happens.  Birel finds a caravan going south the next morning.  Maybe she'll run into the party on the Long Road.

Birel arrives at Kheldell and heads towards Westwood.  After a day's journey she spots a crumbling tower atop a hill less than a quarter mile away.  Parts of its conical roof and outer shell have fallen inward, leaving a gaping hole above which four hawks circle.  As she approaches she notices a large boulder blocks the tower's ground-floor entrance, and a horrible noise comes from within – a deep guttural, dirge pouring from the lips of something awful.


She casts invisibility on herself and investigates.  She finds she can barely squeeze around the boulder into the base of the tower.  She looks up and see's a female hill giant weeping and wailing sitting on the second floor.  The floor is half gone and the giantesses feet dangle over the edge of the floor.  Birel looks around the ground floor and spots a loose stone.  She carefully moves the stone and finds a small chest beneath.  She'll never get it out.  So she opens the chest, the lock has long since rusted away to be no longer functional.  Inside she sees a lute and potion vial and 300 silver pieces.  But the rusty lock falls off the chest and clangs on the floor.

The giant stops and listens and sniffs the air.  The hawks flying over make some noises and she seems content to return to her wailing.  Birel pockets the lute and potion and leaves the silver as it would be too noisy to pick up.  She squeezes herself out the way she entered and heads back to Kheldell.

She looks over the lute.  It doesn't show any signs of wear.  It's a beautiful instrument.  She is hesitant to stop using her own lute since it reminds her of a lost love.  She gives it a try anyway, singing a sad halfling tune about friends taken too soon.


Birel becomes attuned to it and realizes it is a Doss Lute, one of the exquisite instruments of the bards.  The lute has these powers.

When using the lute for a charm spell the target has disadvantage on the save.
The instrument can be used to cast the following spells.  Each spell can be cast 1/day.
Fly, invisibility, levitate, protection from evil and good, animal friendship, protection from fire, protection from poison.
Birel's spell DC is used.

She decides she will use the Doss Lute as it will surely allow her to create new and spectacular songs never before heard.


Not being sure where the group is beyond them heading to the Kryptgarden forest to find a green dragon, not something she wants to do alone, she recalls the note they received after escorting the beer wagon to Mornbryn's Shield:

The Happy Cow

Daggerford is just 8 days away so why not.  Birel finds a caravan heading to Waterdeep (on the way to Daggerford) and hitches a ride.  From Waterdeep to Daggerford she has an uneventful journey on horseback.  Upon reaching the Happy Cow she finds that her friends had come through 7 days prior, had a brief meeting with a half-elf gentleman, and departed the next day.

After thinking about it, she realizes she best head back to Tribor since that's where they last saw her.  But they have a 7 day head start.  She decides to take some shortcuts, leaving the Long Road to shave some time off her journey.  She cuts across land through Nightstone which has been rebuilding and is looking much improved.  While going through the Ardeep Forest to the north of Nightstone she runs into some wood elves who help her navigate the woods and onto Goldenfields.  The Abbot welcomes her warmly and sends her on a supply caravan heading to Tribor.

After her 10 day trek to Tribor she returns to Northshield House where Urgala has a note for her.  The group came through 5 days prior and is headed north to Mirabar to something called the Eye of the All-Father.  Mirabar is 10 days journey and she will not be able to make up enough time to catch up.  She is frustrated and distraught.

As she is drowning her sorrows in a pint of ale an elegant human man joins her.  He introduces himself as Krowen Valharrow, a member of the Harpers.  She shares her woes.  He is well aware of the "giant problem" and this upheaval poses a grave threat to the balance of power in the North.  He has it on good authority that the Harpers, the Lord's Alliance, the Emerald Enclave, the Order of the Gauntlet, and the Zhentarim are all taking steps to protect civilization against the giant's depredations. He offers the assistance of the Harpers.

Birel says that's great but how will that help me get to my friends?  He says " I have something to show you in Yartar, 2 days east."  She says "that puts me  further from Mirabar.  In 5 days they will be there!"  He says "in 2 days you will be in Mirabar."  Surprised, Birel agrees to go with him.

Krowen takes Birel to Yartar and they go to a dilapidated villa and are greeted by a cantankerous man named Kolbaz.  He ushers the two back to the garden patio.  The 40' square patio is surrounded by an 8' ivy-covered wall.  The patio looks beautiful, it contains several benches, statues of frolicking dryads and satyrs and lovely flowers.  Birel enters the patio and sees that it is in fact an illusion.  The patio is as dilapidated as the villa itself.  But a circle is inscribed in the ground.  Krowen gives Birel a map of which cities have circles.  He says these circles allow travel between the cities.  He says Birel will be known to the Harpers and can use the circles at any time.  He wishes Birel and the group luck.

Birel steps on the circle and in a flash she's standing in a stable house loft surrounded by hay.  She climbs down and is greeted by a dwarf, Zazspar Bronzefire.  He says "welcome to Mirabar."  Birel looks surprised.  He says " I never get tired of doing that to people." He explains that "the city above ground is where humanfolk live and the city below ground is where we dwarves live."  He suggests a notable inn and tavern where travelers tend to stay, the Dwarven Pick, adorned with a mining pick over the door.

Birel spends 3 days scoping out the city.  She's having a drink at the Dwarven Pick and a familiar crew enters.  Birel stops playing a song on her new lute to say, "what took you guys so long?"

We traipse across the land
Travelling is slow, yo.

Adventure Log

We headed off to meet the dragon, Old Gnawbone.  As we are travelling, Birel came down with some kind of sickness, and we had to leave him at the Inn at Tribor.  We continued on and found a homestead, it was super quaint and pretty — before being smashed by stone giants.  We tried talking to them, but they threw stones at us.  The giants were unfriendly.

Flynn got pretty much smooshed flat by a boulder.  After being hasted by Silvin, Korgidar ran up to the giants and whooped some giant butt with his new giant slayer sword.  One of the giants grabbed our tree friend and threw it across the road, hurting it badly.  Varis got smooshed by a boulder.

Varis got up from being smooshed flat and shot the same one that Korgidar's been attacking, and it was finished off by Silvin's fireball.  Korgidar screamed some names as he skewered the second giant with his giant slayer sword right in the family jewels, killing it.  I'll have to find out whose name he was screaming.

After the last giant ran away, I cast speak with dead on one of the dead giants and found out that since the Ordining is broken, they are trying to gain favor with their god, Skoreas Stonebones, by destroying the works of people.  They are from Deadstone Cleft.  A long way

The giants had:
    400 GP
    6 gems worth 100 gp

We finally got to the forest, which is something like 80 miles wide.  We have no idea where to go from here.  Korgidar talked to a squirrel, that told him to go NW.  I cast an augury, that didn't tell me not to go that way.  We came across a leg, boot still on, in the middle of the path.  Korgidar used his forest skills to find that it's very fresh.  

A dragon eventually revealed itself to us.  It was an imposing ancient green dragon, who said that it's been watching us for a while.  It told us to travel to the "Eye of the Allfather" where we would learn what to do next.  We should watch for a frost giant wearing a white dragon skull for some random reason.  He'll be an ally?

We decided to go to Daggerford because of a note that they got in some cheese.  It must be awesome cheese.   My companions don't want to go through Waterdeep.  I'm not sure what they were doing while I was helping rebuild the abbey in Cloverfield.

As soon as we get to Daggerford, and got to the Happy Cow Inn.  A half-elf named Zero waved us over, obviously he has our descriptions.  He won't share his worship traditions with me, could they be embarassing or evil?  When he blinked, it looked kinda like bronze scales.  He tells us that the Zhentarim want to support our endeavors because chaos is bad for business.  He gave us 6 potions of greater healing.  

Flynn went out to talk to Zero on his own.  We spent the night, and Flynn partied hard all night, while I observed and packed up my notes for shipment back to my home monastery.

We stopped to pick up Birel, but he's not there.  The innkeeper said that he went off talking about a ring and a tower.  I think he may have still been delerious from the fever.

Ahead, around the bend, we heard some voices arguing in giant.  When we crept up the hill, there were five ogres arguing as they head off to the East.  We avoided them, then traveled for a long time.  Like 40 days.  It was kinda biblical, but nothing happened.

Finally, we bumped into something new!  Next to the road was a dug up area, with a fire giant directing some horrible dog-like creatures with glowing red eyes and two humanoid fire beings digging a hole.  They appear to be trying to dig something up.  It looks like there's a giant arm in the ground that could be from a statue.

The giant says that he's digging up a part of the Vonendod.  It will make the fire giants strong so they can purge the land of small folk.  The arm looks like perfectly polished stone.  Flynn insulted the giant.

As I was thinking that Flynn's insult and the general antipathy to giants in this group was going to mean battle with these fire creatures before I'd even had a chance to learn about their faith traditions, we heard what sounded like running from the South.  A frost giant wearing a dragon skull came running up, and the fire giant immediately yelled, "Harshneg!" and attacked.  

Korgidar immediately moved up and attacked the fire giant.  One of the dogs turned and breathed fire on Silvin and I.  Ouch.  Flynn came over to assist us as I called upon Rill to protect me.

We attacked the hounds and took them down while Korgidar and Harshneg kept the fire giant busy.  I suggested that the fire giant should retire from the fight, or send its minions away, but it laughed at me.  Silvin shattered the giant, killing it.  Harshneg took out the fire elemental.

Harshneg recognized us, and says that Zephros told him about us.

We decided to take the arm of Vonendod to the river near Mirabar and toss it in.

The fire Giant had:
    200 cp
    400 sp
    200 gp
that we split up, and a giant rod, 4 feet long and 100 pounds.  Not exactly portable.

Cold Cave
In which we find Wurmblud's woman

Adventure Log

We met up with Birel and spent some time catching up on our adventures and having a few drinks.  We learned that Birel's father ran away from home to join Force Gray, and that Harshnag was also a member of Force Gray.  What a coincidink.

We left Branchy, Erkle, and Merkle behind because we're worried about the cold's effect on a tree and shrubs.

North.  Cold.  Big ass columns made of ice.  Giant size.  There are track here – Korgidar says that they are 8 different humans.

Pillars have carvings:
    hill giant lifting rock
    cloud giant flying among birds
    storm giant attacking ship
    stone giant climbing a mountain
    fire giant with chained dwarfs
A 40 foot wide and 40 foot tall hallway goes into the mountain.  The hallway is really, really long and really, really big.  There're ledges, murder holes, and other badness.  At the end of the hall, we see 8 barbarian looking people (7 males and 1 female).  They are standing in front of double doors arguing about how to open the door.  The leader says that he's Wurmblud, leader of the Wurmblud tribe.  I asked them about the faith traditions of their people, but he was rude.  We talked to them for a bit, and Korgidar levitated up to ledges 20 feet up along both sides of the hall to look around.

We talked to the barbarians while building a fire and having a snack.  Wurmblud tells us that he's looking for his woman, and thinks that she might have wandered in here.  Harshnag says that there's no chance anyone could have opened the door.  Flynn convinced the barbarians that we'd look for "his woman", Noori, behind the doors if they let us go in.

Inside are seven statues, one of them is an 80 foot tall robed giant wearing a robe with arms outstretched toward a glowing archway.  Smaller giants representing each of the types of giant.  Each one has a weapon outstretched toward the AllFather (the biggest giant statue).  The whole chamber is covered in snow and ice.  

The archway has six runes carved in mithril around it, and there's mist in the middle of the archway.  I examined the AllFather statue, and asked Harshnag about religious practices surrounding the AllFather.  The AllFather statue has no facial features.

Korgidar asked Harshnag to touch the Frost Giant rune, which resulted in a cylinder of cold to come down.

Flynn decided that it would be a good idea to touch the Hill Giant rune.  He convinced Harshnag to lift him up.  He became confused.  We couldn't really tell.

Korgidar started chipping the ice off of one door, and Silvin started melting ice from another.  Behind the door is a giant room with a giant fire pit.  When we enter, a giant monster that looks kinda like a 15 foot long centipede came out and attacked us.

Flynn ran up to the centipede and got chomped badly, like almost dead.  I implored Rill to banish the creature to a benign realm for a minute so that we can get away.  We asked Harshnag to grab the giant ax here and we left the room, closing the door.

We went across the temple room and found what appear to be living quarters for giants.  Everything is frozen over.  When we get to the fourth row of rooms, we see a fissure in the wall.  As we're advancing down the hall, a 40 foot wide boulder appeared out of the wall and shot toward us, squishing Silvin and I beneath it.  As soon as it got to the giant statue at the other end of the hallway.  The giant statue animated, caught the boulder, and then carried it back to the other end of the hall and put it back in the wall where it came from.

We decided to investigate the crack in the wall rather than try to get past the giant boulder at this time.  There were many crack jokes.

As we were exploring the crack, we came across 3 YUGE spiders that attacked us.  Korgidar and Varis attacked one and killed it.  We fairly quickly obliterated the spiders.

We found cocoons of spider webs.  One had a barbarian woman in it.  She's alive, but unconscious.  Two of the cocoons contained dead dwarves.  One is clutching a tome.  He has a holy symbol of Denir, the god of writing.  Turns out that the woman is Noori, the woman of Wurmblud.


Bob's end
Now the world will never see that ethnographic study of the religious rites of the people of the Sword Coast

Adventure Log


We did some more exploring and found that there was an exit onto the side of the mountain.  We can see the ground far below us.

After further exploration, we found a giant spider guarding it's eggs.  We killed the spider rather handily, and found a potion of climbing and a warhammer with a 1000 gp gem embedded in it.  We tried to decide whether to stay in a room while Flynn went past the rolling rock trap.  While arguing about it, Silvin summoned his raven familiar and sent it to scout the rooms.  There seemed to be nothing of interest there.

We went upstairs.  Found a sack with a pair of giant sandals, four severed dwarf heads, and a shard of ice about the size of a dagger.  It's the "Shard of the Ise Rune" which can perform Frigid Touch, confers resistance to fire damage, and provide an icy mantle of protection (one shot protection from bludgeoning), and Sleet Storm.  

We found secret doors that allowed us open and close portcullis leading to the murder ledges in the entrance hallway.

I decided to touch the fire giant rune, because I'm resistant to fire.  I was hit by a meteor storm and died.


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