Storm King's Thunder

I've got the Conch!

In which we get sneaky

I heard about these people who are trying to get to Jarl Svarborg, which is a settlement/fortress on an iceberg in the sea of ice.

As we were flying there, a small silver dragon came over and landed on the ship.  We talked to him for a few minutes, and found that he's very young and wanted to check out our

Svartborg:  There are several giant-sized lodges.  Three of them are encased in ice and the center of the iceberg is water.  There is a body of water in the center of the iceberg with a canal leading into it and giant longships parked in the lagoon.

We waited until night for the fog to roll in.  I turned into a weasal to climb up and look into the building in front of us.  After scouting we found that there are three frost giants getting drunk in the dining hall.

We moved on to the next building, which had a balcony.  I climbed up and found myself looking at the back of a throne with two giant white wolves sleeping next to it.  I tied off a rope so the rest of the group could climb up.  Flynn, of course, got irate when we shushed him, and woke the wolves up.  They attacked.  We killed them, and Korgidar got the conch that we came for.  As we climbed down the rope, a frost giant exited the doors right below us.  We fought the giant and killed it as Silvin called in our escape ship.

A giant longship came out of the mist as we waited for our airship.  It was a tense few minutes while we climbed up to the airship and the giants managed to shoot our ship with a ballista.  We escaped.  

After much discussion, we decided to go back to the Eye of the Allfather to get Harshneg.  We found the center of the cavern collapsed.  

When Korgidar blew the conch, we were instantly transported to somewhere else.


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