Storm King's Thunder

The Battle of Nightstone

In which two groups of bad guys duke it out


Silvin shared some Giant lore with us:  this attack is not usual for giants, Storm Giants are at the top of the Giant hierarchy, and usually the Storm King keeps the other giants in line.  Kella claims that they were cloud giants.

Lady Velrosa- the noblewoman who put out the word for adventurers to get rid of the goblins – we need to find her.

Flynn collapsed.  I took a look at him, and he's got an infected wound from the demon dog attacks, and we have to get some mushrooms from the caves to make a poultice for it.  We hid him in the hayloft until we can find some mushrooms.

We decided to investigate a farm house that goblins had come out of earlier.  The house is staved in by a giant rock, and there's a woman's body under the rock.

The next house is undamaged, but there's a boulder in the garden with some person's remains under it.  The house has been ransacked.

Two sets of goblin tracks go up to the windmill.  Varis wants us to keep one of the goblins alive to interrogate.  As we enter the dark and cluttered space inside the windmill, Varis sees a couple of goblins who haven't noticed him yet.  We paused to listen to their conversation, they are talking about not seeing their companions in a while.  Suddenly, our ranger shot one of them right through the throat, killing it instantly.  I called upon Rill to smite the other, burning one arm.  Silvin shot it with a ray of frost and Birel shot it with a crossbow bolt.  The goblin still survives, but it's in danger.  Varis climbed up in the rafters and tries to grab the goblin, but missed.  The Ranger shot the goblin right in the helmet, knocking him out.

Loot from the goblins:
    6 cp

Longo is the goblin.  Boss Hark is the goblin chief.  They raided the town today, but they didn't see any giants.  They thought it was weird that there were no people in the town, only giant rocks.  After finding all of this out from our interrogation, we left him tied up in the windmill.

We decided to head for the keep.  There's a 15-foot long section of the bridge to the keep that has been hit by a rock and dropped into the moat.  We went back to the general store to find a grappelling hook.  Korgidar threw the rope over the gap and tied it off so that we can cross to the other side.  Varis fell from the rope as we crossed the gap, into the moat.  We lowered a rope to bring him back up.  

We knocked on the doors of the keep, and they opened under our hand.  The bailey of the keep has many boulders in it, so it got bombed pretty heavily.

The door of the citadel is opened by a normal human guard, who lets us into the great hall.  There's lots of rubble and the body of a woman is laid out on the dining table, it's the Lady Velrosa.  I asked what her faith was.  She was a Meiliki worshipper.  The Lady is a widow, and has no children.

The guards told us that the townspeople fled north to the Dripping Caves.  We decided that the guards would wait in the keep, and fix the bridge.  We headed to the stables to find horses.

The guards worship Meiliki.

As we entered the town, we ran into 6 guards led by a half-elf.  They represent the Zenterim, who want to take over the town and have it serve them.  The half-elf is named Xolkin and he worships Loviatar, the goddess of pain and torture.  

Kella comes from the keep, she seems to have a sword wound on her arm.  She apparently killed the guards in the keep.  I tried to grab her arm to investigate the wound, but she slipped through my fingers.  Silvin tried to order them to leave town, and Korgidar started to get beligerent with them.  The bard tried to talk his way into the good graces of the Loviatar worshippers.

As we went into the stable, we heard Xoltin call out to his henchmen to close the drawbridge, as orcs are coming.  Silvin sent his raven into the air and saw 2 dozen orcs heading toward the town.  We decided to get back into the keep to stay out of the way of the coming battle between the worshippers of pain and the orcs.  We went up on the battlements of the keep to watch the battle.  The orcs surround the town, and one of them noticed the broken bridge may be a way into town.  There's a fight, until Xolkin engages the head orc.  Xolkin managed to kill the orc leader, but was taken out by the orc spellcaster.  Kella took out the spellcaster, but was overwhelmed by the orcs.  Eventually, the orcs prevailed, then noticed us in the keep.


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