Storm King's Thunder

Yellow Exclamation Points

Flynn Lagos and company log:

After the fierce battle the company fought in Goldenfield, we all took a well deserved rest.  The town guard took more than their share of credit for the effort to drive the vandals.  Such is the price of being a hero, often your work goes insufficiently credited.  It's a good thing I and the rest of the company are not in it for the recognition.

The Abbot took the time to describe more of what happened.  He gave us a rune left behind by the giants that attacked, and also a map of the realm.

Bob, the strange cleric, stayed behind to help rebuild the Abbey.  I suspect he also wanted to continue his obsessive survey of the religious affiliations of the townsfolk now that they are all here.  Near as I can tell they all worship the same god, so I can't believe it will be worth his time, but to each his own.

As we rested, ate, and resupplied in town we discussed things with several of the villagers who offered some assistance to the company and I in their defense of the town.

The local shepherd wants an escort to a nearby town to visit a tarvern called the Bargeright Inn.  Sounds like my kind of place.

Lifferlas the tree, wants us to find his creator Aerglas, a moon elf druid (and member of the Emerald Enclave, whatever that is) who’s killed many giants.  Aerglas left to see   the treant Turlang 30 years ago at Shadowtop Cathedral.  He asks us to follow his trail to get aid in fighting giants.

Zi Liang the monk wants to officially give up the inheritance from her parents, and communicate to her family in Balders gate and Waterdeep. He asks us to bring a pendent to Caldul Marxill in Waterdeep, who will give us a gift that was being saved for her.  This is approximately three days away.

Miros, the strange white furred yeti like person, wants us to travel to Ahphell and see Arleosa Starhenge at the Staghor Flagon tavern and give him his regards.

Naxine the wizard, who suffered so much in the defense, is convinced this is just the beginning.  She thinks we need aid from dragonkind, who have no love for giants.  She wants us to visit man named Chaslof Yargham in Waterdeep and seek his help in getting the dragons to come to our aid.

We spent some time resupplying, and I took some money out of company funds to purchase myself an additional scimitar.  I'll look quite stylish wielding both of them in combat.  I should practice some impressive looking moves.  Some of the others may have done some resupplying as well, I wasn't paying attention.

Under my subtle leadership, it was decided we should go to Waterdeep to meet Caldur Marxill, of the house of Thawn.  The travel there was uneventful, and at an impressive estate we were greeted by an old man who identified himself as the one we seek.  He took the pendant, and gave us at least part Ze Liang’s intended inheritance.  It was a potion and an impressive looking scimitar!   The scimitar was a magic weapon named Lady, and of course I claimed it as my right.  I can hardly imagine anything more apt.  Surely destiny is tugging me along.  The potion was one of invulnerability, and a member of the company claimed it, I forget which.

We decide to visit Caslof Yargham as Naxine requested, since he also resides in Waterdeep.  Along the way we were waylayed by a gang of ruffians in an alley – apparently they mistook me for somebody named Udolannon.   I didn't know who this guy is, but he owes them money.   Once it became apparent that they would not listen to reason, I began to play along with their little charade, in order to lull them into a sense of complacency.  Korgudar came forward to speak on my behalf, and for some reason the gang leader found him particularly convincing.  Just as I was ready to leap into the fray, they agreed to let me go to "raise funds" and meet them again.  I plan to be long gone by then.  

I still wonder what is going on, for now that I think of it I have heard tell of this Udolannon they were seeking.  Quite a handsome chap.  I can't think of a reason he would indebted to this rabble.  If I get the chance I should find out what is going on.

Moving on quickly, we find Chaslof's tall stone tower.   Inside is a short old man, with a lot cats, and apparently a silver dragon wyrmling for a pet.    He says we need to find Old Gnawbone, and "nice old" green dragon!  He says Gnawbone has a collection of crystal balls, and watches everything.  Apparently he lives in crypt-garden forest.  He gives everything (including the absent Bob) a potion of poison resistance just in case.  Confronting a dragon! Quite the adventure! I can't wait!

We decide to journey to Amphail to meet Arleosa Starhenge as Miros wanted.  On the way we met some dwarves, and even camped with them.  Arleosa Starhenge turns out to be quite attractive, but I must have eaten some bad porridge, because right as I was about to turn on the old Flynn charm I had a sudden attack of indigestion and had to flee to retain my dignity.   Apparently while I was gone she took a shining to Birel, which just goes to show there is no accounting for taste.  This may be garbled a bit, since I was not present, but I believe they acquired a "wooden ring of dancing nymphs", that if you summoned him would allow the ghost of Keltor Dardragon to aid you.  It's all a mystery to me.

We go back to Goldenfield, the town that was the start of this particular log entry, and pick up the sheperd to escort to the Bargeright Inn.    This turns out to be at the Ironford Bridge, a quite impressive bridge crossing a river and joining two towns on either bank.   On the upper bank, we go to meet Nalasdar Theyland.

This town seemed a little shady, I was getting a bad feeling.  The guards did not want us to enter, but when they caught a glimpse of Varis's cute little flying snake they immediately changed their mind.  I don't know that that was all about.   I heard the word "Zhentarim" floated about, which was a word I had heard people muttering in my days spent in the taverns.  I was in my cups much of that time so I don't remember well.

We went inside and met Nalasdar, who was grateful.  He also asked if we would escort a beer wagon to Morgen Shield, about 10 days away.  This seems like quite an expense for a single beer wagon, but he says it is a special brew and who am I to refuse to let somebody part with their money.  The payment is 100gp for each of us up front, with another reward upon arrival.  

On the way about 20 common bandits surround us, and demand a toll to continue.  The nerve!  They have no idea who they are dealing with!     It doesn't take long for a general melee to break out, and of course I trounce them quite handily (With some assistance from the company, of course.  Credit where it is due.)  

The company always seems particularly keen on going through the belongings of those we slay in combat.  Seems a little servile to me, but you must let people have their way sometimes.   

We make our way to Morbin's Shield, and find an inn called the "Troll in Flames".   Our reward for intact delivery of the beer wagon is a silk bundle wrapped around some fine cheese and wine.  I haven't had the like for quite some time, it was quite heavenly.  Also inside the bundle was a note reading Xera -> The Happy Cow -> Daggerford.


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