Storm King's Thunder

I represent the Lollipop Guild!

How did we go a whole session without a fight?

After blowing the Conch, we all appeared in a giant natural cavern in a sigil.  I hear a pipe organ accompanying a song about how awesome storm giants are.  We decided to go introduce ourselves to the giants.  We head up the stairs to find a nice dinner theater with a couple of storm giant women playing music.  As soon as we get to the top of the stairs the music stops and the woman talks to us.  Turns out it's Mirren, and sends us to our room escorted by 2 storm giant guards.  They send us to a room with human-sized furniture.

We only hang out for like a half hour before Mirren comes to retrieve us to have an audience with the queen.  As soon as we got to the nightclub room, she said to the cloud, fire, frost and stone giants in that room "take care of the vermin."  She and the guards left the room, leaving us with the menacing giants.  Korgidar, the bard, and Flynn convinced the fire giant, stone giant, and cloud giant that we need to go to up to the court.

Korgidar told the two hill giants guarding the throne room that we were sent by the Oracle.  They opened the door to let us in.  Birel sang the queen a ballad of our adventures.  The queen gave us a tiny wooden coin with a goose in gold on it.  She said that it was found near her mother's body.  We looked at it, and Silvin decided that while it's not legal tender, but it's worn like it's been used.  We decided that it's probably the gambling boat that we've heard of.

The queen tells Imrith to leave the room, and suddenly Imrith grabs the amulet from around the queens neck creating an egg-shaped force field around the queen and her throne, and dived into the water pool in the middle of the room.  I swept her back into the room with a tidal wave, slowing her escape.  After we attacked her for a while, she disappeared.

The queen told us that Imrith stole the rod of control that allows her to control the throne.  Without it, she's stuck.

She tells Uther, her uncle, to send us wherever we want to go.  Uther gives us four giant pearls worth 500gp each.

We tell him that we want to go to Yartar, where the gambling ship is.  Uther leans down and tells us that we'd better be as brave as the story Birel told.  Korgidar slapped him in the face.  Uther laughed and we teleported to just outside Yartar.

After some investigation, we found that the wooden coin is indeed used on the gambling boat.  We all came up with ways to get on the boat:  Korgidar is going to do an animal act, Birel is going entertain, Flynn Silvin and Varis went as noble gamblers.  I'm going to fly on board as a snowy owl, then turn into a weasel to sneak around.

We explored the ship, stealthily, and found that there don't seem to be any hidden spaces.  Flynn charmed the cashier, but didn't learn anything.

Birel went and charmed the lord who owns the boat.  He told her that he's a member of the "Kraken Society."  They worship the mighty Kraken Snarfleraffle.  Apparently they've kidnapped the Storm Giant king and are keeping him on a ship called Morkoth circling the purple rocks, in the far northern sea.

Suddenly the lord gasps and keels over.  Birel and Varis ransacked the office, finding 900 gp worth of gold and silver.  Also, Birel grabbed the lord's sword, which is apparently a matching sword to Flynn's sword.  They came out of the lord's cabin and told us what was going on.  We need to go to the purple rocks.

We decided to blow the conch and report back to the giant queen.  The queen has heard of the Cult of the Kraken.  

Uther sent us back to our flying ship, which we've decided to name "Lollipop."   We've decided that we shall henceforth be called the Lollipop Guild!



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