Storm King's Thunder

The Treant

In which we visit a cathedral that's not a cathedral

Adventure Log

I spent several days helping to rebuild the abbey and interviewing townspeople.  I collected some valuable data for my survey of religious practices of people of the Sword Coast.  I discovered that there are increasing giant attacks, and it's becoming a terrible problem for these people.  After 8 days, my Lord Rill let me know during my daily augury that it's time to leave.  He directed me to a caravan travelling north.  I joined the caravan, and travelled toward Mornbryn's shield.

As I approached the town, I ran into the rest of the group and I rejoined them to continue their quest.  Rill has guided me true yet again.

We ran into some random people and travelled with them to the next town.

Apparently we are trying to find the origin story of the treant from Cloverfields.  Out in the country, we smell a horrible smell of death and rot.  It looks like there was a huge battle here.  About two dozen barbarian corpses and two frost giant corpses.  Korgidar tried to discover what happened by looking at the lay of the land.  He says that there were more barbarians than are dead here and they fled to the north.  The giants are adorned with a symbol.

As we enter the high forest, we run into a group of orcs with halfling prisoners.  Korgidar pulled out his bow to shoot the orcs, but missed.  I called upon Rill to protect me.  Flynn charged forward the at full tilt.  The drow managed to shoot one of them, despite being far from them and having such poor eyesight in the daytime.

Apparently Korgidar has acquired a large cat and named it "Simba."  He sent the cat to attack and shot an arrow that broke into a rain of thorns as it struck.  Flynn apparently is trying to taunt them so that he can lead them into our trap?!?  Because they don't know we're here?  He managed to get six of them to follow him, off at an angle from us.

Korgidar's kitty jumped on one of the orcs and ripped its throat out as Flynn turned around to hold his ground against the 5 remaining ones.  Many of them stop and stare slackjawed at some pretty lights summoned by Birel.  One of the orcs is overwhelmed by Rill's guardians protecting me as they run up to attack us.  

Flynn performed some fancy acrobatics that I didn't quite catch, vaulting over a dying orc as it fell in front of him.

Birel insulted one of the orcs as we've seen him do so many times before.  This time, the orc looked stunned, blood slowly trickled from its ears, and it fell down dead.

We captured three of the orcs, two fled into the forest, and we freed the halflings.  They tell us a story about the orcs attacking their homestead.  As soon as Flynn strikes a pose and claims credit for defeating the orcs, pink smoke rose from his ears.  Olly, the halfling, talks to Silvin and tells him that his great-grandfather Avamere was part of "Force Gray."

The rest of the party tried to intimidate the orcs, but I let them go after getting them to promise not to attack people anymore.  As one would expect, they worship Gruumsh.

We took Olly and his family home, and he gave Silvin a talisman of a dragon.

We are headed for "Shadowtop Cathedral." Which, much to my chagrin, is not dedicated to a deity, but is a bunch of trees.  As we approach, there's some sad song that Birel joins in with.  It's a satyr that seems depressed.  He tells us a story about being hearbroken over a dryad.  His name is Greenwhistle.

Birel spends some time playing music and dancing with the satyr.  Apparently the treant that we're looking for often comes around here, so we hung around to wait.  

Finally, the treant came around.  He told us that Argolas hasn't been around for years.  He sends a tree and some shrubs to follow us.  We seem to be acquiring quite the menagerie.  Thara Shindle, the half-elf travelling with the treant, offers to take us back to the road.  I learned that the treant worships Ldath, goddess of peace and nature.

Thara gives us five berries that can act as potions of invisibility.  She's on the way to visit Quinn Nardross, who Silvin knows, and thinks we should visit him.  Off we go to Jalenthar to find Quinn.

Quinn offers us a couple of potions, one greater healing, and a potion that will make Korgidar as strong as a giant.  He also gives Korgidar a sword of giant slaying.  He doesn't know anything useful, though.  I was able to gather some data about the religious practices of the Janethar people.



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